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Curved and segmented radius guttering

Segmented and Curved Radius Copper Guttering

We are very experienced in producing segmented radius copper gutters to suit customer requirements. Diameters and the required linear meterage are drawn up on a computer, allowing one of our technicians to work out how best to make the copper gutter. Small sections of the required copper gutter profile are then mitre cut and tig welded togther to create the radius section. Each externally welded mitre is cleaned with an acid to ensure the finished result is first class. Segmented copper gutters are normally supplied in approximately 2m lengths, which can easily be joined together or to straight runs, on site.

If you are concerned that your copper gutter will not be fitting to a true radius, simply supply us with a template and our technicians will calculate and cut each mitre section manually ensuring it follows your guide.

Curved copper guttering Curved copper guttering
Curved copper guttering Curved copper guttering
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