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How do I work out how much my copper guttering is going to cost me?

If your project is not a new build and you do not have a bill of quantities, you will need to know the following key points.....

1. Linear meters of metal guttering
2. Linear meters of metal donwpipe
3. What brackets are you using for fixing the metal gutter

When calculating your cost please do not forget things like rivets, silicone, stopends, bends etc. As a rule of thumb:

A tube of silicone will seal approximately 15 ogee and box joints and 30 half round.
A bag of rivets will secure 25 ogee and box joints but 50 half round.
A rivet is recommended for each bracket.

Please refer to our price lists, fitting instructions and choosing your guttering guide for further information. If you require additional help, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team on 0845 050 4570

Coppa Gutta Limited does not carry out site visits and cannot specify where and how many downpipes are required. If drawings are supplied to us for us to calculate the quantities, an additional charge may be made.

Copper gutter brackets being fitted
Brown copper guttering on a shed
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Copper guttering for use with cedar shingles

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