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How will your copper guttering age?

Left to age naturally our copper guttering will start to mellow within weeks, changing through various shades of brown and bronze until eventually forming a protective green / blue patina, that will naturally repair itself and is unique to copper.

When will it go green?
The time taken for the patina process to start depends on the location of your property, local weather conditions, distance from the sea and other forms of acidic pollution.

Copper guttering newly installed Copper guttering after 4 months Copper guttering after 1 year
Newly installed 4 months 2 years
Copper guttering after seven years Copper guttering after ten years Copper guttering after fifteen years
7 years 10 years 20 years

What if you cant wait 20 years?
If you don't want to wait years for the patina finish to develop naturally, we can supply a solution that can be applied after installation that will age your copper gutter within a few hours.

Can I stop my copper guttering going green?
Eventually copper will always go green and we recommend that you do not coat the copper to try and keep it bright, as it is the continuous changing colour of the copper that protects it and stops any corrosion.

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