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Environmental issues regarding the use of copper guttering

Copper is one of the few metals that is fully sustainable. Although large quantities of copper are mined every year we are in no danger of running out, as to date only 12% of the current known reserves have ever been mined. Most mined copper is still in use and approximately 55% of copper used in Architecture comes from recycling.

Environmental Implications
Copper is a wholly natural material present in and essential to all plants, animals and humans. Unlike other metals such as lead, copper is non-toxic and does not accumulate in the body.
Embodied Energy/Carbon Dioxide Emissions
The Embodied Energy and Carbon Dioxide emissions of copper are substantially lower than most other gutter materials.

  Plastic Aluminium Cast Iron Copper
Embodied energy 80 MJ/J² 153 MJ/J² 75 MJ/J² 50 MJ/J²
CO2 2.5 KG/Sq M 8.74 KG/Sq M 3.9 KG/Sq M 3.85 KG/Sq M
Copper guttering environmental issuses
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Copper guttering for use with cedar shingles

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