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Box Profile Copper Guttering

Our Box style copper gutter is manufactured from 100% natural 0.6mm copper and is supplied in 2.4m lengths, making both transportation and installation uncomplicated.

Fitting our Box copper guttering couldn't be easier, with pre-made corners and outlets and simple internal joints that just require sealing and riveting in place.

Box copper guttering

All of our box guttering now comes with a square front lip. If you require a rolled front lip please contact us as this will require a special production run.

Standard profile measures: 65h x 90w
Large profile measures: 90h x 120w

Box gutter internal joint box gutter outlet section Box gutter external corner Box gutter internal corner
Internal Joint 300mm outlet section External Corner Internal Corner
Box gutter stop end Box gutter fascia bracket Box gutter roof bracket Box gutter rise and fall bracket

Stop End

Fascia Bracket Roof Bracket Rise and Fall Bracket
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