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Ancillary items for copper guttering and downpipes

To complement our standard ranges of copper guttering and copper downpipes we also provide all the neccessary ancillary components to ensure your gutter is easy to install and fitted securely.

The low modulous silicone we provide has been laboratory tested for a minimum 25 year life.

Our verdgris solution must be applied within days of installing your copper rainwater system.

Copper guttering being sealed with silicone
Silicone for sealing your copper guttering Copper rivets for fitting your copper guttering Copper leaf guards for your copper downpipes Brass spacers for your copper downpipes
Silicone Sealant Copper Rivets Copper Leaf Guard Brass Downpipe Spacers 1 - 5cm
Verdigris solution for aging your copper guttering Copper screws for fitting your copper guttering Solder for sealing your copper guttering Flux solution for use when soldering your copper guttering
Verdigirs Patina Solution Copper Screws Solder Flux Soldering Solution
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